Professional body analysis with the Tanita MC-780

Tanita MC-780 Body Analysis

Tanita MC-780

The Tanita MC - 780 professional body composition monitor not only measures your body weight, but also the individual distribution of your weight in terms of muscle mass, body fat, body water, etc. This measurement is also known as a "bio-electrical impedance analysis".

TANITA body composition monitor MC 780

How does a bio-electric impedance analysis work?

By touching two handles and standing on the scale, contact is made with hands and feet, so that a weak electric current is passed through the body and splits it into its components. Each component acts here as a resistance (impedance), which is set in relation to age, height and gender. Since all components have a different resistance, statements can be made about the proportion (%) and weight (kg) of individual components. The Tanita MC-780 measures with an accuracy of 98% according to WHO (World Health Organisation).

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